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I was born in Hollywood California at the age of three years we moved to Toluca Mexico, where I lived for 11 years. In which I was raised by my mother. Toluca is an interesting city; however my family endured many struggles. When I returned to the United States I decided to work hard so my son would not have to suffer the struggles my family and I endured during those years. I am highly educated and recently participated in the graduation ceremony for a Master’s degree in Business Administration class of 2012 from the University of Phoenix. On an average I worked 50 hours per week while going to school to obtain my Business Degree. I am Passionate person especially in the areas of public speaking, marketing and teaching elite customer service skills. These skills are available to those who desire to succeed massively in life. I believe in the greater good and that people should not struggle unnecessarily or be a victim of a public or private organization. I have struggled for 20 years in conventional education, worked in private education institutions for multiple years, and I also worked as a restaurant manager for multiple years where I developed my passion to help others tap into their full potential. The concern I like to resolve is to teach people elite leadership skills and enable them to monetize their customer service and hospitality. What alarms me about small businesses occurs when people finally have their dream business open, and they have no indication on how they are going to make a living. That concerns me because owners can spend 40, 60, 80 thousand dollars or life savings to have a business, end-up working for so many hours until they begin to lose their dream. Business owners end up working on something they hate or are underpaid because they did not have the elite skills to monetize their Customer Service and Hospitality. What I have learned is that schools do not teach students how to pay their bills, open a business for themselves, but rather they teach how to make money for the boss. There is no loyalty to the business owners in the marketplace as many companies are competing against each other looking to save money in the most important resource (Customer Service/Hospitality).
I teach people to define their customer service and hospitality strategy to what they love, transform it in a way that is marketable, applicable and transferable to others. Imagine for the first time in your life, being appreciated for your customer service/hospitality, your passion, and what your business represents.
It will be my gift to transfer to anyone who wants to learn the elite customer service skills that took me over 20 years to learn, apply to my personal and professional lives. Some of these skills were transferred to me by my mentors and my mentor’s mentors. To learn this information on your own will take you probably more than 40 years to learn, if you ever do.
Through my simple process I enable companies & Individuals to take control of their lives, define what they love to do and monetize their business’ customer service and hospitality. With only one of my steps, you can save potentially thousands of dollars in training for employees and virtually can motivate employees to improve performance, customer service, and hospitality while generating massive amounts of revenue.

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