“Eduardo is a professional and very savvy individual whose “experience and insight” translates to great advice for any task. Eduardo faces any challenge and can see the brighter side to accomplish a superior outcome. I’ve worked with many professionals in my day in various fields. By far Eduardo is one of the most exceptional. I recommend him without reservation.”  Gerry Ramos

“I met Eduardo in 2005. I was immediately compelled by how approachable he was. Once we sat in his office space I saw he was extremely organized, very professional, articulate and flexible when responding to his clients. He is a person that takes the time to listen and find possible solutions to a problem. He has broad knowledge and managements skills that can easily fit in any office environment. I can honestly say that Eduardo is a great asset to any company. He will bring knowledge, team work attitude and lots of positive energy.”  Carlos Lloveras  Director,Pirona Design Group.

“Eduardo is a leader and I was always impressed with Eduardo’s display of willingness to go above and beyond with numerous work projects to help mentor and encourage.”  Rebecca A. Fernandez, MBA/HRM Human Resources Generalist.

“Eduardo is going places, and he can help others too. I’m glad I met him and we have become real professional brothers!” , Tom Domino, The Real Tommy Tucker, TommyTuckerTime.

“Eduardo brings an unmatched knowledge and positive attitude each day. Along with his great attitude and knowledge, Eduardo is a team player who works closely with each person on his team to bring out the best in that person. He is an asset in all aspects and a great person to have on board.”  Aaron Mc Nally, Online Admissions Advisor.

“Eduardo is a person that with his creative ideas for presentations and activities was inventive and entertaining; they were also astonishingly effective. Eduardo managed to respond consistently with respect and compassion. The experience had a profound effect on the participants all because of Eduardo’s exceptional skill and professionalism.” Jose Caal.

“Eduardo was a fellow student with me in the MBA program. He was always helpful within the classroom and also outside the classroom. He always brought a smile to class and the energy to go with it. Even if you were working in a different group, he would still offer to help. He is the type of person that goes above and beyond to assist those he comes into contact with, and I believe these are characteristics that are difficult to find.”  Ashley Langill, MBA,Teacher, Sycamore Grove.

“Eduardo is a former student who demonstrated excellent scholarship and command of business concepts.”  Leander Woods, Field Training Representative, Bankers Life and Casualty.



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